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Wembleys, a brokerage like no other.

mission statement

Wembley’s mission is to make real estate easy.

We eliminate the daunting process with a full-service experience.


We stay in control so you get the best outcome.

Wembleys is for people who want exceptional results and need everything done for them from under one roof.

For Loans

A better approach to finding and securing the right mortgage.

We know borrowing is a pain. Strict underwriting standards, high credit-score requirements, and hard wired debt-to-income cutoffs make the process daunting and overwhelming. The outcome rarely meets expectation after several appointments and applications.

Spend less time visiting banks and fumbling with documentation. Wembleys is led by a team of real estate and finance experts to handle everything for you. Our technology and in-house process finds more lending options that better match your specific financial requirements.

For Buy/Sell/Lease

Selling and buying real estate just got easier.

The hunt for the "right" listing is not so hard anymore. Everyone has access to the same information. In today's real estate environment, success is driven by proper counsel and representation. Just because something is easy doesn't mean it will be done right.

Wembleys spares no effort or resource when it comes to valuation, negotiation, and marketing—it's our goal to produce the best result. We'll deliver to you critical insights on when to buy, or position you for max-value when it's time to sell. Our concierge management style paired with our lending solutions simplifies the complexities and gives you peace-of-mind.

Available virtual process keeps you and your family protected.

Our goal is to provide a better and more reliable real estate experience.

Kamyar Rezaie is the founder and CEO of Wembley's Inc., a Calabasas based real estate and lending organization established in 2005. As a resident in Calabasas for over 25 years, Kamyar’s footprint is an organic extension to the community and its neighboring areas. Kamyar is a summa cum laude graduate holding a degree in Economics from UCLA.

Kamyar sets Wembley’s strategy to help people find a home with connections to resources that enable freedom, expression, and growth. Kamyar’s community-first approach drives Wembley’s vision to pioneer a real estate experience that encompasses people and local organizations as an enhancement to living.

Our community loves us.

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"They went to all lengths in our search. They provided critical advice during negotiations as well as managing my husband and I's expectations. We saw the effort put in by Wembley's, and we're thrilled about our new home. Thank you!"
Jean S.

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