Wembley’s commercial leasing services.

Our experts help your company find the perfect site.

Wembley’s helps companies to find the perfect lease for their needs.

Companies don’t allow themselves to become stagnant, which often means their culture, staffing, or other needs will outgrow their current space. Whether your company is seeking a new headquarters, renewing your current lease, or expanding your existing space, Wembley’s can help.

With over 15 years of experience in tenant representation in the commercial real estate sector, our expertise can help you find the best space for your company, and with the best terms. Our experts will guide you through the complex nature of site selection, and making an offer, and will use our unique negotiating tactics to earn you preferable terms. All of this will be done with one point of contact for your Wembley’s team, saving you and your company
valuable time and eliminating confusion.

All of this will be done with one point of contact for your Wembley’s team, saving you and your company valuable time and eliminating confusion.

Wembley’s full-service tenant representation
Experts in site analysis & selection
Workspace & upgrade planning
Unique and expert negotiation
Analysis of your contract renewals
Data-driven enterprise expansion
Comprehensive concierge service

The Wembley’s commercial leasing process.

Clear, organized, actively managed + market data and results-driven.

build a plan
Step 1

Learn your needs and build your plan

The discovery phase is used by our team of experts to learn about your business needs. These will be used to custom-tailor your plan which includes any post-acquisition upgrades to the site.

Online organization
Step 2

Online organization

We set up all of your docs and files in an easy-to-access online dashboard for organization. Tools like Zoom make online collaboration easy and accessible.

search site
Step 3

Search for the right site

Wembley’s experts will utilize CoStar's best-matched sites to find matches for the needs of your operations and staff.

submit application commercial
Step 4

Submit your application

After finding a home that fits your needs, your Wembley’s experts will start the application process.

application approval
Step 5

Application approval and document finalization

Our team will ensure that all of your documentation is clear and completed.

get the keys
Step 6

Commercial lease signing & you’re open for business

With your location secured, your company can move into its new space.

Commercial leasing with Wembleys—expect the best.

Our process is for people who want exceptional results and are looking for a full-service experience.

With others.

disconnected experience
Disconnected experience
  • Big brokerages, often demanding high commissions, provide limited attention since they are juggling many clients.
  • Agents will pass you around their team members, vendors, and/or partnered brokers leaving you feeling disconnected.
  • Need to find own financing solutions.
underwhelming results
Underwhelming results
  • Agents will look for the best transaction opportunity, not the best opportunity for you.
  • Technology-based services put you through a one-size-fits-all process that leaves you on your own learning the service and wasting time. Options are limited and may not apply to your case.

With Wembleys.

done for you guidance
High-touch experience
  • We're here whenever you need us. Quick, honest, open, and actionable. We'll reduce the pressure and make you feel confident every step along the way.
  • You'll get advisory, management, and representation from one person you can rely on throughout every phase.
  • Integrated mortgage brokerage with exclusive programs to fit your needs.
optimized results
Optimized results
  • Your satisfaction comes first and foremost. We'll guide you and provide expert consult on the most optimized outlook for your personalized needs and financial situation.
  • We use technology and data to empower our process and enhance your results. Don't worry about learning the tech—we deliver a personalized human experience with all the same modern benefits.

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