Saturday In Calabasas

Old Town, Calabasas

Old Town, Calabasas

My wife and I took a short drive to Malibu, it is very close to Calabasas.  We did a little sight-seeing, a little hiking/walking, and just taking in the beautiful scenery.  We forget how beautiful Calabasas is and how close it is to the beach (so many hills, trees, greenery and big blue sky).
Afterwards we went to a great restaurant called Peddlers Fork (I had the Eggs Benedict and they serve this bread and butter that I know is as organic and appetizing as can be), it is off Calabasas Road; and then we walked all the shops in Old Town Calabasas.   After that we drove to the Topanga Plaza which is just 10 minutes away and spent the rest of the day window shopping.
It is wonderful how in this central location; that being Hidden Hills and Calabasas, you are secluded in a virtual country/urban/cosmopolitan/private environment where everything is close and far at the same time.  Having my office in this area and living only 5 minutes away has been a great experience.  My days are filled with meetings and enjoying this area, and then working on improving how I serve my clients.
I can't think of a better location for me, being a real estate broker who specializes in all areas of real estate; from lending, real estate, residential realty, commercial realty, refinance, and SBA loans.
I am a newlywed and am very glad and grateful my wife is happy too.  She has been all over the world, is pretty sophisticated and loves this area as much as I do.
I think my next blog will be about the trip we have planned to Santa Barbara which is just an hour away off the 101.  We love Santa Barbara.

Calabasas Farmers Market - Old Town Calabasas

My wife and I really enjoyed our weekly visit to the Calabasas Farmers Market this last Saturday.  Right across the street from the Sage Brush Cantina, we have been attending this Calabasas, Hidden Hills and surrounding area family favorite locale for years.
I recently learned that the Calabasas Farmers market is one of twenty four farmers markets in the Orange County, Los Angeles, and Ventura county areas organized and hosted by California Certified Farmers Markets.
These markets are open year-round and provide the opportunity for local farmers, small businesses, and various food vendors to sell and market their goods directly to the community.

We tell all our friends, family, colleagues and clients to visit.  At the Calabasas Farmers market, you can find an assortment of fresh produce including a wide variety of fruits and vegetables (including fruits that can't be found elsewhere) such as the Pluot, which is a hybrid between a plum and an apricot, I had it for the first time, and was pleasantly surprised.
You can also find fresh cut flowers, bonsai and bamboo trees, beautiful orchids, pure honey, a wide array of fresh herbs and spices, oils and vinegars, tons of vegan cheeses and dressings, hummus and yogurts, bread, pastries, and even all organic, vegan, and gluten free desserts.
Being a real estate professional, and this being my passion, I really enjoy being a part of this community.  Because of my residential, commercial, lending, and other realty professional relationships and projects, I am kept close to what I enjoy doing every day.    
The Farmers Market is just one of those places that I am always enthusiastic to share, and it is so rewarding for me to see the people I interact with, familiar faces, and all those whose relationship and trust I appreciate and enjoy.

Wembley's Inc. is so Close to the Calabasas Commons

My wife and I have grown so fond of Calabasas.  With our office in Calabasas, and so many of our friends, we find an endless array of fun activities, events, and restaurants.  One of the places we love to visit is the Calabasas Commons.

One of the wonderful things about the "Commons" is that it is not only connected to the government center of Calabasas, but also has a beautifully crafted and landscaped outdoor mall.  Where ever you walk you are bound to see a lovely shop, artistically life-like bronze statues, a Koi pond filled with an abundance of turtles Koi of all sizes, and happy children walking with their parents.

One of the things we love to do is go see a movie at the Edwards Cinema and go to one of the fine eating establishments.  We have too many favorites to mention, but between fine dining, light dining, sushi, or if we just want a hamburger or pizza, all the restaurants and eating establishments are great.

All around the commons is a bright and cheerful atmosphere.  After a long day we enjoy going to the Barnes and Noble, getting a coffee, and sitting down for some light chatter before heading home.  If it is a weekend morning, we may look for a good book, go to the library that is just a few footsteps away from any part of the "Commons"; and what a library.  It is more like a university library, from the comfortable seating in couches and chairs, to their vast array of reading materials.

We have found all the architecture of the Commons to be amazing, as an avid realtor (real estate broker and agent) with lending, landscape, commercial and residential knowledge, the amazing venues and sights are terrific.

There are elegant rolling boutiques with buying and selling, and people always in the mood for a quick greeting or longer conversation. Pets are welcome and we find between the ambiance, the people, the pets, the architecture, California weather, and all the many subtle nuances of this lovely open mall to really fit the bill any time of our busy week.